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valentinesfunNow that we have small children, Valentines Day for us is no longer a romantic dinner out or weekend getaway.  For the last 4 years, since the birth of our daughter Mila, Valentines Day has been a family holiday where we invite our loved ones over for dinner (usually at Benjamin’s Steak House).  Truth be told, most families are not able to celebrate an evening out.  So start your own family traditions.  Even if you do have romantic plans for that evening, you’ll probably want to celebrate with your children too, before hand.

Traditions don’t have to consist of a fancy dinner out, could be something as simple as:

vday-pancake-finishedcooking together, make some heart shaped pancakes or cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate fondue with their favorite fruit.

20160209_162150 (1)decorate cards for the family, ask your child to write what they love about each person in the card



20160209_160616decorate the house with the kids, they love to be helpful and a part of something big.  Give lots of praise and thanks for all of their help.

– have a Family Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt For Halloween, I didn’t want my toddlers to go trick or treating. I actually despise that Halloween ritual.   So I had a Halloween party and a scavenger hunt in my yard, it was a hit.  Why not continue this tradition for Valentine’s Day.


I have been a parent for more than 21 years, my poor Nicholas was my learning / practice baby.  As the years went by, my husband would stress the importance of praising and encouraging all of Nick’s wonderful character qualities and not focus the negatives.  As we continue this form of parenting with our two toddlers, this year I plan on filling their love tanks with a fun scavenger hunt / treasure hunt showing how much I love and appreciation all that they are.  Good for all ages.


61KT98Yc0YLgive a Valentine’s Day basket                 BTW, baskets are not just for Easter, make a Valentine’s Day basket for the little ones and fill it with books, a plush teddy and some candy.

No need to go crazy, do what you can. All anyone really wants, is for you to show’em some love.





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