Desperately Seeking My Red Wine Valentine

This past week I’ve noticed a few Facebook posts on how beneficial it is to drink red wine, in moderation of course.   For all you winos, that’s approximately 2 glasses of wine a night (4-5oz a glass).  Hallelujah, I am all for that, who couldn’t use a glass or two nightly after putting the kids to bed.  Especially when the health benefits seem to pile up more and more every year.   I’ve read over 50 articles stating red wine contains good things such as Resveratrol, Flavonoids and Ellagic Acid, all of which play a part in one or most of the items below:

  • lower your cholesterol
  • can slim your waistline
  • help diabetics regulate their blood sugar
  • improve liver function
  • help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders
  • can boost your immune system
  • prevent cancer
  • slow the aging process
  • reduce the risk of depression
  • is good for your teeth

Can’t find a better way to celebrate February (the month of love) with a healthy heart and my other one true love, drinking wine.

But none of the articles actually tell you which red wine is best.    Which wine is the healthiest for Christ sake … they really don’t make it easy for you.    So my research continues, read another 50 or so articles and with all of my combined research I’ve concluded that I am… (SEE PERSONAL AD BELOW)



NOTE: red grapes, raspberries, blackberries, blue berries,  green tea, oolong tea, cranberries, walnuts and pecans all have the same health benefits.

So… Let’s make sangria and a healthy snack mix !!!
Disclaimer: Not responsible for any baby booms in the next 9 months, drink wisely.

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