My New Year Rant

Balancing my role as mom, wife, friend and daughter is not an easy task.   Most of the time I am on the verge of losing my mind with all the chaos.  I just want to come home play with the kids, cuddle with the hubby,  have a little time for myself to play with makeup, read articles about the Steven Avery case (a new obsession of mine) and have time to drink a whole cup of coffee before Nana busses it into the sink.   Well its a New Year, let’s do just that.

But first, we need to do away with those New Year resolutions… they suck. Yes, New Year resolutions suck ass.   Do we really need to set goals every year and have a checklists for all the things we need to do.  Guess what, been there, resolutions made, resolutions failed, no deadlines kept.  BTW… Who’s keeping tally and why do we keep repeating this cycle every year?

A slimmer you for the New Year… really that’s one I haven’t heard before. Why should I feel inadequate because everyone else is rushing off to the gym or starting the new Oprah weight watchers diet.  I hate working out, it sucks, I’ll eat the kids cookies when they go to sleep … I’ll get lipo when I cant fit into that swimsuit this summer.

So what if my house has clutter in ever room.  God help me if I see another declutter checklist on Pinterest.  I’ll get to it when I get to it or just wait until I really need to find some piece of important paperwork, like my hubby’s life insurance policy.   Well, that won’t be any time soon because he’s rated “Preferred Elite”(he reminds me every chance he gets that he may live well into his 100’s).

Who says the Christmas tree needs to come down right after Jan 6th.   Who cares?   It’s January 25th  and my tree is still up fully decorated.   I’ll take it down when I fell like it or just wait until Nana’s type A personality can’t take anymore and takes it down for me.

Too much time is lost in all this nonsense of unimportant things.  Just enjoy life and be happy with who you are and what you have.  We are all on borrowed time, spend it with the ones you love and love yourself.


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