What makes Puerto Rican food taste so amazing? That’s right… “SOFRITO!”

My first thought was “Not my mother’s stew”, who is Puerto Rican and makes the most flavorful dishes. Then I realized what was missing. “SOFRITO!” That’s right Sofrito… the staple of all Puerto Rican cooking. Luckily, my mom wasn’t home that day to see or taste the shame I had brought upon her.


Wth are you talking about… I need a translator please!

Anyone else confused when they see some of these trendy new slang terms, acronyms, hashtags or word mash-ups on Social Media.  Even the songs of today are encrypted and I have no idea what they are singing about.  I had to literally google Beyonce’s lyrics (line for line) to figure out what the song is […]

Kindergarten, here I come…

In my on-line mommy groups, many parents have questioned whether they should start their little one in kindergarten or hold them back for one more year.   Isn’t kindergarten where you learn the ABC’s, their sounds, writing, numbers, counting, shapes and social skills.   Most kids learn that at home or in preschool by the […]


Mommy Makeup in 10 minutes or less

Like most moms, I barely have the time to look fairly decent when leaving the house, let alone put on make up.  Many women spend a lot of precious time applying makeup that they really don’t need.  Now, I am not going to lie.  If I have a special event to attend, you’d better believe I […]


Lost in Momslation

My mother used to say to me “Once you have children, your life is over.  Live your life first.”  I hated hearing that statement and never really knew how to process it.  Did she hate or regret being a mom?  It seemed like such a harsh thing to say.  I never really understood what she meant until now… three […]


The Toddler’s Vagina Dialogues

It’s Saturday morning, my husband is asleep upstairs and is awoken by a weird noise.  He hears my 4-year-old daughter, who is sitting beside him straining and grunting, clearly struggling with something.  He opens his eyes and looks over at Mila.  He’s shocked to find she has taken off her underwear and is bent like some sort of contortionist […]


Monthly beauty box subscriptions… Are they worth it?

If you are a makeup fanatic like me, you are going to love these monthly beauty subscription boxes.  The idea behind the service is to allow women to sample beauty products for the first time before buying them. I am subscribed to the following beauty boxes and below are the items I received for the month […]

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Dating the same person for more than a decade before tying the knot… hmm

Bombshell, Maria Menounos has been in a relationship with director / producer Kevin Undergaro since April 1998.  After 19 years of dating, Maria the host of a daily show on SiriusXM, “Conversations with Maria Menounos” is finally engaged.  CONGRATULATIONS! Listening to Kevin’s surprise proposal on Howard Stern this morning just brought me to tears.  He […]


Things you should never say to a mom…

Caution, the content below may be vicious and contain some explicit language (it’s just the mood I am in today), for those of you who could care less, please read on. As a mom for the last 20 something years and still raising toddlers, I’ve pretty much heard it all.   There are somethings you just […]